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JC Rivera. BeAR Champ

JC Rivera. BeAR Champ

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Happiness is contagious, and it’s coming right out of the heart of Chicago!
JC Rivera’s Bear Champ is taking a step into the digital world, in this amazing print inspired by one of JC’s iconic murals.
BeAR Champ is the latest work in Mussa’s 2019 AR Print Series, so make sure to focus your phone on one of the prints, and watch JC’s art emerge out of thin air!
An edition of 60 prints means only a lucky few will get their hands on this unique work, as well as the digital content that comes with it. We hope you’re one of them!

Dimensions, 24 ”x 24”

Prints are AR activated with animation by Mussa. Download the Mussa app HERE for iOS & HERE for Android to get started.

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