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Peeta - Bricks

Peeta - Bricks

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Edition: 100

Size: 90x45 cm

Year: 2019

Bricks are coming off the wall, and flying around Peeta's amazing art in AR. Focus your smartphone on Peeta's latest limited edition print, and experience his work and artistic vision in a whole new light!

The print, named after and inspired by the artist's original "Bricks" (part of his personal Venice collection) represents a new step in Peeta's trajectory towards geometrical shapes that interact with the surrounding environment. His aim, always to create a dialogue with the structural and cultural parameters around an artwork, aligns perfectly with AR tools that allow us to create a living world around his art. 

The artistic goal of achieving "a temporary interruption of normality" is now closer than ever, and rests in the hands of the lucky collectors who get their hands on one of these limited edition AR prints. For these collectors, "Bricks" represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Peeta's mind-bending work, including AR content brought to you by Mussa.

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