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El Pez - 20 YEARS SMILING with friends

El Pez - 20 YEARS SMILING with friends

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To celebrate 20 years of artistic trajectory, PEZ is collaborating with some of the biggest names in street art for his coming London show at StolenSpace Gallery! Among these happy collaborators is Augmented Reality (AR) firm Mussa, known for their previous work with Pez in creating the first ever limited edition AR print. 

"My first project with Mussa was an incredible experience, and I've been meaning to work with AR again ever since. I wanted to celebrate my 20 years in style, and create a new digital experience for all my fans in London and around the world. As always, the goal is to spread fun and happiness through art, in this case using technology to create a unique experience for audiences, and to push the limits of HappyStyle into the digital world!"

Info about the edition:
- Edition of 50 colour screen print
- Dimensions: 49cm x 69cm
- Numbered and signed
- Augmented reality added

Prints are activated with Augmented Reality Animation by Mussa Labs – Download the Pez app HERE for iOS & HERE for Android to get started.

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