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Pez - Street Party - Hand Finished Edition

Pez - Street Party - Hand Finished Edition

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There's a Pez party going on, and you're invited to experience it in AR. Watch as the characters in El Pez' latest work come to life in this amazing limited-edition print, and experience Pez' unique artistic vision like never before.

AR represents a new frontier for artists to explore, allowing them to create interactive digital content that transcends the page and turns passive viewers into active participants of an artwork.

Together with Pez and Graffitiprints, Mussa has developed AR content around Street Party, and created the first AR limited edition print in the market.

Info About Hand Finished:
1 Colour screen print on 300gsm Somerset Satin
Hand painted by the artist
1/1 Unique
Dimensions: 75x55 cm

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